Hunting the Hunter Part 2

There was a hush in the room as the audio feed came in from Maj. Tragenne. Dorne Tragenne was head of the fighter wing aboard the Ideal, Amieta's ship. Despite not being trained in espionage as such, Amieta suspected his prior experience had prepared him to pretend to be a smuggler for the Serpentis Corporation. His meeting with Rask was in the back room of an Amarr eatery that the Angel boss used as her HQ.

M'selle Rask, a pleasure to meet you. Dr Rolasque tells me we may be able to help eachother?

"How are we doing on the counter-intelligence side?" Sarakai glanced over as Amieta spoke, "Everything going smoothly?"

"It is going well." Sarakai added a qualification, "Though there is never a guarantee, when you are dealing with professionals. I'd be very, very surprised if we've been anticipated or detected though."

Well M'selle I think I could supply steaks at 1000 and both types of, ah, flour you wanted at 400, standard. Premium cuts would need to be on a case by case basis, of course.

"Let's hope so Sara." Amieta glanced at the cheap speakers, "Sounds like we've got her hooked. If Dorne manages this without being tossed out an airlock, remind me to give him a bonus."

Of course Mr Trenes.
The Angel's voice was gravelly, I look forward to a profitable relationship.


Notification: Search complete. Number of results: 2451. More? Y/N?


Records scrolled past. Most were easy to discard. Jorion was not interested in Amiadi I., Lai Dai employee charged five years ago with violating confidentiality agreements. Nor do I care about A. Torvelen, listed as inventor on an application by Caldari Steel to patent a new cargo loader inversion locking system.

A touch of the screen sent results to one file or another, each decision feeding back into the computer's search algorithm. No, I do not want to know more about Amieta Inveligall, senior executive at Echelon Entertainment. No, do not tell me more about A. Invelly, teacher of modern dance at Nugoeihuvi Corporate school on the station orbiting the fourth moon of Uphallant III.

Yes, please give me further information about A. Invelen, listed as corporate support co-ordinator for Home Guard in the Koichi system ten years ago. Yes, please tell me more about Amiala I., registered FIO informant in Nonni for six months in 80.

Jorion reached the end of the results. Some were promising, but ...

None of them feel right.

He called up the image he'd stored off the Behind New Eden broadcast and studied his target. FIO informant? Corporate Support Co-ordinator?


But if Amieta Invelen wasn't somewhere in those search results, where was she?

Where would I hide, if I were hiding my past?

He re-opened the search program. Broaden search: include (status = deceased)

The computer bleeped acknowledgment. Working.

Jorion Roth waited.

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