Hunting the Hunter Part 1

Amieta Invelen stood, arms crossed, studying the images thrown up by a projector on one wall of the cluttered office space. Sarakai Voutelen, Amieta's head of security, pointed to a man exiting a doorway surrounded by neon lights as she continued briefing her boss.

"This is Rolasque leaving the 'Lucky Comet' Casino on deck 17. He spends a lot of his time there and we have two of our people on the staff." Sarakai tapped on her datapad and another photo popped up, "This is Dr Rolasque meeting with who we think is his boss. Her name is Ollada Rask. She is one of the local Angel bosses, very big in the protection and illegal gambling rackets in-system. We are also pretty sure she is the one behind the trouble we've been having, but we aren't sure why."

"Do we have anyone close to her yet?" Amieta turned, "Much as I don't want to do the polices' work for them, if she's the one, we should make an example of her and the entire organization under her. Hunt them down to the last crooked dealer."

"Well, Rask has been trying to break into arms and narcotics too. Sort of set herself up as the local criminal one stop wholesaler. Major Tragenne has volunteered to pose as a smuggler with Serpentis connections willing to be her supplier, we would just need an 'in'. We were thinking we would flip Rolasque, use his gambling problem."

Amieta eyed Ollada Rask's profile on the wall.

"Do it."


The terminal beeped quietly. Notification: Search complete.

Jorion Roth tapped the keys to bring up the results. Subject: Amieta Invelen. Number of confirmed matches: Forty-seven. More: Y/N?


The results scrolled across the screen: fragments of conversation from public comm channels captured by FIO sniffer programs, records of Interbus tickets, reports of corporate standings ... Jorion skimmed them.

Scolluzer caught his eye. Not that I needed proof that Naqam took Camille as well as Ciarente. But if I did ... The date, the arrival and departure times on the Interbus records, were incontrovertible. Naqam, in general. Amieta Invelen, in particular.

Scanning the rest of the results brought no new information. No record of birth; no record of employment prior to becoming a pilot ...

No-one walks across the Cluster without leaving a few footprints.

He pulled the keyboard towards him and began to type. Query type: individual. Parameters: (Amieta or *ieta or Ami* or A) AND (Invelen or *velen or Invel*) AND Caldari citizen AND (current age = 25 < gender =" F)">

The computer warned him Reducing probability match threshold will result in increased false positives. Do you wish to continue: Y/N?

Jorion pressed Y.

Yes, he thought. I wish to continue.

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