Joining the Nation - Part 4

Silver settled into one of the comfortable chairs in the small restaurant. It claimed to be 'Pator-Jita Fusion' cuisine in the directory - slightly alarming, particularly as the station and proprietor were both Amarr. Still, it came highly recommended. Having ordered the chef's special, Silver examined the book he had found in the wreckage. It was damaged here and there, but the binding still seemed intact. Carefully he opened it to the first page. On the inside cover was a name - Hike Osa - and opposite was the first page of a journal, ink faded and in some places unreadable. Silver started to read, the date from what would have been early in the Nation's history - before the True Slaves were common:

As I write this the shuttle is taking us closer to Stain, and closer to our dreams. I couldn't be happier. Being free of Nugoeihuvi has given me new hope, and I feel like the future is finally a good thing rather than a walk into the Wind. The transport is a little crowded with all the people we took on in the Empire, but it doesn't seem too close at all - everyone is so optimistic! Some of the Amarr seem a little standoffish, but most seem friendly and... just normal. I've started learning Amarrian from one of them to pass the time. Rira seems like a nice sort, used to be a teacher at a private school in the Empire he says. I'm teaching him Caldari, which he says he only knows a little of. As if I know any Amarrian at all, aside from 'hello.'

Silver read on as the journal, not always carefully kept up (though Hike seemed to remember to make an entry at least every month or two) chronicled the man's life in the Nation. In the often crumbling, sometimes indecipherable pages was the story of his settling into one of the colonies in Esoteria, where he worked in database management for one of the plethora of research labs. Throughout he was optimistic, happy, fulfilled. He talked of meeting his wife, his first child being born. His friendships with the people around him, with backgrounds from all over the cluster. The cybernetic enhancements were mentioned as well, in words that spoke of wonder at abilities sharpened, hinting almost at new worlds discovered in perception, communication, even thought. No mention of True Slaves, as Silver read on and an exorbitantly expensive meal grew cold on the table in front of him.


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  2. Eagerly awaiting the next installment. :-)